Basic Trouble Shooting

These are some of the basic issues you may encounter with your door. For anything more advanced please contact your installing company for support in the first instance.

FaultPossible CauseSolution
Automated door is reversing when closingGuides blocked
Change in floor level
Guides/tracks have moved
Remove obstruction
Reset door travel limits
Installer must adjust guide spacing
Automated door not respondingHandset Batteries
Power failure/spike
Local frequency interference
Operator has been disengaged
Handset has lost its memory
Check if LED is functioning – if not, change batteries
Check fuse/power supply
Installer needs to check
Ensure the motor is engaged for operation
Delete memory resistors and reprogram handsets
ThermaRoll Door not respondingThermal cut out has tripped
New batteries required in bottom slat transmitter
Wait 20 minutes and try again
If the warning lights are flashing on the front control unit or you can hear 4/5 beeps during the doors operation you possibly need to replace the batteries*
Broken key in DuraRoll lockNot removing the key before opening door, causing the key to strike the lintel and breakRemove broken key with snips and contact Garage Door Systems for replacement keys. Key number is engraved on back of lock
Manual single skin roller door won’t lockNot enough downward pressure on the doorApply some additional downward pressure when closing door to enable lock bars to engage