Pass Door Systems – Major Growth

Over the past few years Garage Door Systems have seen a major growth in its demand for quality secure Pass Door Systems. Garage Door Systems started producing external pass doors 3 years ago winning several significant UK contacts to manufacture steel doorsets. Such has been the growth within this sector, Garage Door Systems have now made a major investment into a new dedicated factory for various kinds of hinged door products. Our Innovative and quality manufacturing processes combined with a solutions focused business model has opened doors to various industries including

  • Prefabricated concrete buildings
  • Steel Building
  • Garages
  • Cabin & Modular Buildings Industry

Pass Door Systems - A Dedicated Brand

Garage Doors Systems brand has always remained determined to provide quality secure Garage Doors and Pass Doors throughout the UK and Ireland. Now as part of our major focus, to grow our Pass Door division we have rebranded this sector of our business under the dedicated brand “Pass Door Systems”. The Pass Door Systems logo itself continues to retain strong synergies with the Garage Door Systems logo, which illustrates how much Pass Door Systems will carry the same Garage Door Systems seal of approval.

Pass Door Systems – The Product

Pass Door Systems provides a solutions focused external steel door recognized for its innovation and exceptional finish quality. The move to a dedicated factory will facilitate the space required for future growth of this now key product area for the company. From there, in keeping with this extension of our brand, a highly experienced and professional team will continue to develop our hinged door products.

We have already partnered with ERA locking systems which has enabled us to build doors which are secured with an ERA multipoint locking as standard. Our Pass Door Systems

  • Have 7 colours as standard,
  • Pre-framed
  • Come in 4 designs
  • Open in & Open Out

Pass Door Systems – The Future

From our new location at the Woodside Road Industrial Estate, Ballymena we are very excited for the future of Pass Doors Systems. Currently there are many imported steel doors coming into the UK and Ireland that can obviously compete at a price point but are more restricted in terms of a solutions focused approach. It is our belief that our build quality, flexibility of design and ordering makes Pass Door Systems a genuine partner to consider for any external doorset project.

Pass Door Systems will offer a higher quality door with more flexibility for the end user and from this new base we will continue to innovate and develop the range of hinged door products such as commercial emergency exit doors.

Under the new Pass Door Systems brand we will ensure as we have done within Garage Door Systems that we will provide our customers with a product that continues to demonstrate quality and security.