Your Document List

What documents & information should I have?

Your new door has a number of documents that must be retained for future reference and to comply with the conditions of your warranty.

Your invoice

Please retain your invoice as proof of the place and date of purchase.

•••CE mark, Declaration of Performance and serial number

This is located on a label attached to your door. It shows the standards to which the product complies and also advises where you can locate your Declaration of Performance details as required by European Law. Do not remove this label as it must be in place to validate your warranty.

Declaration of Conformity:

If your door is to be power operated, your door must be supplied with a declaration of Conformity for both door and motor. This ensures the door and motor comply with the Machinery Directive. A copy of this document can be found at the back of the Customer Care Booklet.

Operating instructions:

Operating instructions are located on the label applied to your door and in this booklet. Proper use of your door is important to ensure longevity of the doors’ life, compliance with your warranty and, most importantly, your’s and other’s safety.

Care instructions:

These are on the label applied to your door and in this booklet and provide instructions on how to clean and care for your door and its finish.

Maintenance instructions:

These are included in this section and these set out the minimum maintenance required to keep your door in good working order, safe to use and to meet the terms of your warranty.

Maintenance record:

The Customer Care Booklet contains a space to record the routine service and maintenance work carried out on your door (section 7). Suitable periodic maintenance is required to meet the terms of your warranty.


The Customer Care Booklet contains details of your warranty, the conditions that apply and how to make a claim.