How to operate your Door


Always keep the opening area of the door clear and when operating the door, always be certain that there are no people, especially children or objects close to the door.

When locking the door, ensure that the lock mechanism engages securely.


Manually operated garage doors:

To Unlock: To open the active door leaf release the lock by turning the key.

To Lock: To lock the active door leaf engage the lock by turning the key.

Inactive Leaf: To open the inactive leaf release the top and bottom shoot bolts.

Door Stays: To prevent unintended movement of the door leaves, you should always open the door fully to engage the lock out position on the door stays. The door stay will retain the door at this point. To release, pull the cord and close the door. Doors should not be left unattended when in the fully open position. Door stays are designed to temporarily hold the door leaf open and not for extended periods. When a door leaf is open and exposed to the elements it acts like a ”sail”. Exercise extreme caution when opening, closing and securing doors in windy conditions.

Door stays are not designed for high wind applications (Damage of this nature is not covered under warranty).