Garage Doors Systems would like to say thank you to all those who took part and helped in this years Ask An Architect event. £7160 was raised during this event by The Jill Todd Trust which goes towards the Friends of of Cancer Centre.

The Jill Todd Trust and Ask An Architect

The Jill Todd Trust is a charity registered in Northern Ireland. After Jill Todd at the young age of 23 tragically had her life taken by cancer, Jill's mum and dad, Trish and Barrie established The Jill Todd Trust in 2011 with the key objective to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer. To effectively implement this cause The Jill Todd Trust selected The Friends of the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital to act as the recipient charity.

Trish and Barrie came up with Ask An Architect and approached PLACE, the Architecture and Build Environment Centre in Belfast and the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, both of which agreed to take part in the organanising of the event.

During the event week architects give one hour's consultation in return for a minimum charitable donation of £40.

If you are and architect and would consider registering to be part of this event please visit to find out more.