How to care for your Door

All doors & shutters

How to clean and care for your door and its finish

Keeping your door looking its best doesn’t require a great deal of time and requires no special skills! The most important thing is keeping your door clean.

Cleaning: Your door should be washed with a quality car shampoo every two months to prevent the build up of dirt, salt, grit and other corrosive substances to help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your door.

All other components must be brushed down every six months to prevent the build up of dirt, salt, grit and dust.

If your door is installed in an area prone to coastal corrosion from airborne salts, your door should be cleaned monthly. ThermaRoll roller doors & ProtectaRoll Shutters - Every month you need to open the door (to separate the slats) and clean in between each one - particles of salt can become trapped between the slats, creating a corrosion risk.

All doors - Clean thoroughly after bird droppings or any substance such as salt, dirt, airborne particles other than rain have found their way onto the surface of the door. This is especially important if you power wash your driveway and splash dirt/grit onto the door curtain - dirt/grit will become trapped between the front and rear of the door when operating that will lead to surface marking/scuffs.

Make sure you regularly check your door and observe the directed cleaning intervals. By removing dirt, salt and grit you reduce the possibility of staining and scratching of the door surface and parts that can lead to corrosion. The images below illustrate issues that can arise through a lack of cleaning and care.

Never use a powerhose/jetwash to clean your garage door.

If your door has a lock, do not oil the lock cylinder, only lubricate with a graphite dust lubricant.