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All Garage Door Systems Limited garage door products’ are independently tested and certified to comply with the highest safety requirements and performance characteristics or the European Safety Norms EN 13241-1. This is our commitment to providing products that are both safe and durable. The following section covers the warranty periods and the conditions associated with them.

All warranties apply from the original date of purchase.


Manufacturing Defect - 2 years
LM 100 EVF Drive Motor - 7 years
LM 80 EVF Drive Motor - 6 years
LM 60 EVF Drive Motor - 5 years
LM 750 EV Drive Motor - 5 years

Terms & Conditions

Manufacturing defects

If, within the applicable warranty period, the Garage Door Systems door or parts are found to have manufacturing defects, upon inspection by authorised Garage Door Systems Limited personnel, Garage Door Systems Limited will, repair, repaint, or replace, at its option, the defective door or parts.

Any charges for shipping, removal, installation or other labour charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. Garage Door Systems Limited will be the sole judge of warranty claims.

At its discretion Garage Door Systems Limited may instruct the purchaser to return the defective door or part(s), prepaid, to the nearest Garage Door Systems Limited facility.

General terms

The warranties are for single-family, first owner, residential installations of complete garage doors.

The warranties do not apply to commercial, industrial or nonresidential uses (except DuraPass and ProtectaRoll).

The warranties extend to installations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The warranties are only valid if the door has been installed by an approved Garage Door Systems’ installation specialist.

The warranties are only valid if genuine Garage Door Systems’ parts are used in any repairs or maintenance. The warranty period for replacement parts is 6 months or the balance of the original warranty period if greater.

Attempted repairs by non-qualified individuals shall invalidate this warranty.

You must care for, service and maintain your door as set out in this booklet and maintain suitable records. Your door must be serviced at the end of 2 years and then every 2 years. Failure to do so may invalidate any warranty claim. Register for automatic service reminders at:

Claims must be notified within a reasonable time after discovery of any defect. Proof of purchase must be provided.

Immovable frame parts, seals, door components, hardware & locks:

If any door parts (excluding glass, frames or inserts) are not functioning reliably, we will repair or replace them for the period stated in the warranty. These door parts include but are not limited to springs, wire cables, track, rollers, drum wheels, guides or door hinges.


The warranty period for electric operators excludes consumable items - batteries, hand transmitters, fuses and light bulbs.

Electric openers

The extended warranty on electric openers for sectional and
roller doors is separate, although the period of the warranty is listed here.

Door sections or curtain

If your door sections or curtain perforate through from the weather side due to corrosion, we will repair or replace those sections for the period stated.

During your warranty period the colour of the door curtain may change due to weathering (UV radiation and/or coastal conditions...etc). This is considered normal and not covered by this warranty.

Should an instance ever occur where a sectional door panel does rust through, then only the affected panel will be replaced. Due to weathering, the new panel will not exactly match the colour of the old. In this instance the door should be repainted by the customer with a proprietary paint system, following the paint manufacturers’ instructions and the door should be cleaned regularly.

Surfaces must be freely exposed to washing by rainfall and kept clear of accumulated dirt and debris and given equal exposure to local environmental conditions and consistent natural lighting conditions across the face of the door.

Visual appearance:

The quality check should be carried out in natural daylight, not direct sunlight whilst standing a distance of 3 metres from the door to view the overall appearance. From this distance the door should appear free from marks or distortions, stains, blemishes, indentations or scuffs.

At least 10% of the overall door surface area must be impacted. Chips, scratches, rubbing or scuffing, which result in cosmetic or surface corrosion, or natural fade or weathering of the finished surface are not covered in this warranty.

Marking over time to both sides of a roller and insulated roller door curtain is normal and not considered part of any warranty.

The corrosion of swarf filings or other air borne particles, rusting or staining of the panel is not considered panel rust.

Exclusions. The warranties do not apply to:

Damage or deterioration caused by accident, abuse or misuse.

Improper initial and subsequent operation.

Normal wear and tear on items such as brushes in the guides, rollers, seals and other areas of contact during normal operation.

Improper storage, installation or handling.

Failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance.

Acts of God, fire, alterations and/or additions to door, or damage or discolouration from the effects of atmospheric conditions, including, but not limited to:

areas subject to high moisture or salt atmosphere
(eg Coastal Regions - within 2 miles of the sea)

areas subject to fallout or exposure to caustic, abrasive or corrosive chemicals and substances, fumes, ash, cement, dust, animal waste, or foreign substances

flood water, areas subject to water runoff, or runoff from lead, copper or galvanic metal flashing.

Whilst Garage Door Systems Limited’s doors are durable and long lasting under normal conditions, this warranty does not extend to inherent defects in steel or other material used in the manufacturing process. The Manufacturer will however, procure and assign to the customer the benefit of the warranty of the manufacturer of the steel or other materials.

In no circumstances shall Garage Door Systems Limited be liable in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise howsoever, and whatever the cause thereof, for any increased costs or expenses, for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues or anticipated savings, or for any special, indirect or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever.

All other representations or warranties (whether written or oral, express or implied by statute, common law, or otherwise howsoever) other than those set out above are hereby excluded.