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Why are there big variances in roller door prices?

Today there is an ever increasing number of insulated roller doors being offered in the market however there is a big difference in terms of quality and safety between some of the differing door manufacturers.

The main reason why some doors being offered show significant cost differences is that they are not legal and do not have the required safety levels that the law demands built into the door. As insulated roller doors are automated as standard the law requires that the leading edge of the curtain must have safety reverse functionality included in the event the door curtain comes into contact with anything before it reaches its resting position. If your garage door does not have this function included it has the potential to entrap and seriously harm or kill someone.

At Garage Door System’s Ltd we only supply compliant products that are both legal and safe. Please don’t take a risk. If you have any concerns regarding insulated roller doors please contact a member of our staff for some expert impartial advice.

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