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What is the warranty on a DuraPass Door?

1 year commercial use warranty / 2 year residential use warranty on: door components, accessories, seals and thresholds.

10 year* warranty for perforation through from the weather side due to corrosion only.

*The door must be cleaned in accordance with the care and maintenance instructions.

At least 10% of the overall door surface area must be impacted. Chips, scratches, rubbing or scuffing, which result in cosmetic or surface corrosion, or natural fade or weathering (UV radiation and/or coastal conditions...etc) of the finished surface are not covered in this warranty.

The corrosion of swarf filings or other air borne particles, rusting or staining of the panel is not considered panel rust.

These are key parts of the full terms and conditions which are available in a complete form in the customer care booklet.

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